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If you're in the Transition Zone, Patriot bermudagrass from Oakwood Sod Farm is a natural for your fairways and tees. Its tolerance for low mowing height, fast recovery from divots, and resistance to disease makes it an excellent playing surface with low maintenance costs. Tees can be maintained as low as 0.38 and fairways can easily be kept at 0.75 or lower!

Because of its fast establishment rate, Patriot can be sprigged right into existing cool season fairways with minimum disruption to play and to revenues! And Patriot bermudagrass is disease resistant, so think what that will do for your fungicide budget!Sod installation Many courses with Patriot fairways are now opting to dispense with over seeding because Patriot holds the quality of the playing surface right through until spring green up.

Oakwood Sod Farm was among the first turfgrass suppliers to develop new and innovative techniques of bermudagrass establishment, and continues to lead the field in bermudagrass knowledge and expertise. Give us a call today; we can explain how Patriot bermudagrass can be adapted to your needs!